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Johnny FD ProfileHello, and welcome to The Remote Podcast Episode 29. This podcast is all about location independence, digital nomadism, and living life on your terms.

Each week we interview a new guest on the show, and this week I sat down with Johnny FD, one of the most visible content creators in the Digital Nomad space.

Johnny is known for many things, including running the annual Nomad Summit, where over 400 experienced and aspiring location-independent entrepreneurs gather from around the globe for a day of inspiring talks and networking.

In this episode, Johnny reveals it all. From being an avid raver, pickup artist, dive master, and Muay Thai fighter, he shares his entire life journey and shares his lessons learned along the way. In addition, Johnny shares his thoughts on the growth of the digital nomad community and how aspiring content creators can make a name for themselves in this space.

I thank Johnny for his radical transparency for his willingness to hop on the podcast to share his story with you all.

Links we talked about:

Timestamped Notes:

  • Why mindset is important – 2:00
  • The first time Johnny realized he was different – 5:00
  • On finding happiness through raving in high school – 6:00
  • Attending UC Irvine – 11:00
  • Starting his first blog on Xanga – 12:30
  • Johnny’s experience in the pickup artist scene – 14:30
  • Why he decided to move to Thailand – 22:00
  • Why you shouldn’t start a business right away – 23:45
  • The importance of mastering a skill – 25:00
  • On becoming a Muay Thai fighter – 27:30
  • Why everyone should push themselves mentally and physically to the limit – 30:00
  • Why there are so few content creators in digital nomad space – 36:00
  • On becoming Johnny FD and what FD stands for – 40:30
  • On the origins of Nomad Summit – 46:00
  • The growth of DN community in Chiang Mai – 49:30
  • On people who hate their jobs – 56:00
  • The importance of setting goals in your life – 58:30
  • Johnny’s goals for 2017 – 1:01:30
  • Johnny’s advice for up and coming content creators – 1:06:30

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Special thanks to Johnny for joining me this week. Until next time!

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