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Gaurav Valani ProfileHello, and welcome to The Remote Podcast Episode 7. This podcast is all about location independence, digital nomadism, and living life on your terms.

Each week we interview a new guest on the show, and this week I sat down with Gaurav Valani, who, through his organization Career Sprout, helps millennials find meaningful work so they can build a purpose-driven career.

Gaurav has a really interesting backstory. He said that he never wanted to be an entrepreneur. In fact, he spent the first 6 years out of college hopping around jobs because he didn’t know what he wanted to do. 10 jobs, to be exact. That was until he got into the recruiting and staffing industry. In the beginning, he was attracted by the high pay you could earn. But over time, he developed a keen interest and passion for helping others find the right jobs for them. Now, he spends each day trying to disrupt the staffing industry to make it more human-oriented and people-focused.

His story is a great example of how you can find your calling in the most unlikely ways.



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