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Daniel Yu ProfileHello, and welcome to The Remote Podcast Episode 9. This podcast is all about location independence, digital nomadism, and living life on your terms.

Each week we interview a new guest on the show, and this week I sat down with Daniel Yu, the founder, and CEO of Sokowatch, a company that provides data-driven distribution in emerging markets. Daniel is a former classmate of mine at the University of Chicago and now lives in Nairobi, Kenya, running his fast-growing, award-winning company.

In this week’s episode, we talk about the spirit of adventure. Daniel shares his travel experiences and how it’s shaped him to become who he is today. In one crazy story, he took a solo trip as an 18-year-old from Hong Kong to Tibet using only ground transportation and without having any required documentation.

He explains that his travel experiences gave him the courage to drop out of school, start his company and travel all around the world wherever the business needed. His story is unique and I’m sure you’ve never heard anything like it before!

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