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Charles Du ProfileHello and welcome to The Remote Podcast Episode 23. This podcast is all about location independence, digital nomadism, and living life on your terms.

Each week we interview a new guest on the show, and this week I sat down with Charles Du, an award-winning product manager, UX designer, lecturer, and international keynote speaker. Charles teaches people online how to become software product managers or digital nomads. He is also a participant in the inaugural Remote Year program.

In this week’s episode, we discuss Charles’ journey on becoming a digital nomad, his experiences on Remote Year, and his scientific approach to experimenting with his life to maximize growth opportunities.


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Time Stamped Notes:

  • Overview of how Charles became a Digital Nomad – 2:00
  • How attending Burning Man inspired him to pursue personal growth – 4:33
  • His hypothesis on travel and growth – 7:15
  • Why he decided to leave his job – 9:30
  • On why he didn’t hate his job, but quit anyway – 10:00
  • How running experiments helped him decide to apply for Remote Year – 12:00
  • Summary of his experience on Remote Year – 18:00
  • Long term sustainability as a digital nomad – 20:00
  • Places he liked and didn’t like – 21:30
  • Dating as a digital nomad – 24:00
  • What to look for in a digital nomad city – 25:00
  • The goals he accomplished and didn’t while on Remote Year – 26:00
  • How he applies UX design principles to his life – 30:00
  • Goals for the year – 35:30
  • What he looks for in a relationship now that he’s a digital nomad – 36:30
  • The one piece of advice he has for aspiring digital nomads – 38:00



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Special thanks to Charles for joining me this week. Until next time!


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